​​Vivacious Portraits

​For L​eading Ladies

​It's more than a head shot- ​It's an invitation to step into your role as a Leading Lady! Join me on September 21st for a Fun 30 minute Signature Studio Session in Amsterdam. ​

​​We'll help you to create high quality Imagery which is incredibly important for any business professional or personal brand ​to enhance your visual connection​. Spots are limited!

​Giving you the power to ​be your own guiding star & show ​the world the best version of yourself!

​My mission is to provide you with ​images that ​allow you to be beautifully who you are and showcase the professional skills, talents, and value you have to offer ​to help you stand out.  

​Scroll down to learn more ​on what you can expect: 

What ​the Ladies Say


​You will be surprised with the results! I do not consider myself to be very photogenic and any photo session is a source of lots of stress. I wanted to have nice photos but I really wasn't looking forward to the process of getting them. Surprisingly, I was actually relaxed and had lots of fun. Melody allowed me to be me and very quickly she got my trust. Not for a second I felt uncomfortable or worried about the result. 

​Weronika G.S.

 / ​Director of People Operations


​I decided to put my trust in Melody and come in with an open mind. I liked how at ease Melody made me feel. ​She was able to let me play with the camera and let go of any apprehensions or insecurities. I knew I wanted pictures showing my power and she got this out of me. I actually got a new job right after and though it wasn't due to the pictures, the confidence I found in the studio certainly helped!

​Rikke W.

/ ​C​hief Executive Officer


​Do it! It's fun and makes a big difference to how you feel when sharing your business or website! I really do not like cameras at all, and have pretty much hated most "formal" photos ever taken of me.... so,​ I was initially a bit stressed out. But it was really relaxed, fun, and ​Melody Rae made me feel really comfortable. We have used​ our ​images on our website and podcast cover and will be using it for a more things in the future. ​

​​Estelle R.S.

/ Co​mmunity Builder, Start up Founder

​Is ​this Signature Studio Session right for you?

​Whether you know it or not​ YOU have a personal brand. In this highly digital competitive day and age, how you come across to people can make a difference. ​Vivacious Portraits are all about intentionally crafting a persona that is true to you and puts you in the very best light. No matter if you are a coach, an online entrepreneur, an influencer, or speaker, beautiful professional photography can really ​elevate your brand. Here's more on who can benefit from a personal brand photoshoot

​Business Professionals

Dubbed as the ​“new handshake” having an updated image is valuable to any working professional. With 93% of HR professionals and recruiters ​using LinkedIn plus more than half utilising other social networks such as Twitter and facebook​ your portrait has countless applications. ​

​Entrepreneurs & ​Business Owners

Having a distinct personal ​brand is everything for business owners. It will help potential clients and contacts instantly connect with you​. After all people don't want to work with faceless corporations, they want to work with friendly trustworthy real people.

​Coaches & Freelancers

​Using your portraits to market and advertise your services not only helps to position you as an expert in your field but it offers a glimpse into who you are, what you do, and why you do it giving your clients and audience a more ​relatable introduction and experience.

​Influencers & Creators

​Professional portraits are a great and essential way for influencers, keynote speakers, writers and bloggers to enhance their content such as social media, blogs, or email newsletters and connect with their audience on a more personal level.

Being a star just means that you just find your own special place, and that you shine where you are.”  

-​Dolly Parton

​​Get pampered with a pesonalized make over

​I​f you really want to bring your image to the next level then look no further than Make up artist and stylist Sylvia Mercera. She believes everyone deserves to feel beautiful and ​it is part of her mission to always bring out the best in her clients. Not only can she help cover blemishes and even out skin tones, she will leave you with an added level of self- confidence and belief in yourself that will help you radiate through out your portaits! Check out more of her work.

​Where & When will the sessions take place?

​Sessions are each 30 minutes long (1.5 hour including professional make up) and will take place at the beautiful day lit Studio Ferdinand in Amsterdam on September 21st. Paid parking is available out front and the location is easily accessible by public transport.

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Sessions are limited!


Who ever said Mondays couldn't be fun days? Choose your Session below & join us for fabulous time!

​Melody Rae

​I have been Professionally Photographing portraits and weddings for​ over a decade with a focus on women the last 5 years. From the boardroom to the bedroom boudoir, my purpose is to help women beautifully and playfully show up so they can embrace ​their bodies, celebrate & love themselves, and fully connect ​to ​their feminine energy.

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