Celebrating Sensually connected Vixen Women

through Soulful portrait experiences


Hey you Gorgeous Fox! Welcome to the Vixen Effect!

Yes, I called you gorgeous and I’m talking to You! Let me ask you: 


When was the last time you stepped in front of a camera and felt really, truly “comfortable”?

Or felt even that stepping in front of a lens was an act of self-love, playfulness, and celebration?


I believe great portraits should be really about YOU

and not only skin deep.



Don’t believe it? Let me show you. I am LIVING to show you!


Because you are both multi-dimensional and multi sensual,

it’s important how you feel from the inside out,

so you can truly connect  through your portraits.


Do you remember the last time you connected with the sensual woman deep inside yourself to revel in the presence of your glorious body?


Are you ready to have that woman show up in your photographs?


Sensuality is a deep connection,

a mirror reflection of the world’s beauty back into yourself,

your own love and soul projected without shame or visual blocks.


I60A4492-5 webpage about

My name is Melody Rae and I am a conceptual love artist and photographer. 


My inspirations come from wanting you to fall more in love with yourself! Because I believe full self-expression is empowering and that feeling and embodying your feminine “Vixen” is vital to this!



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