Hey Foxy lady!


I am so thrilled that you clicked on this blog post that marks PART I of the premier and little launch of the Vixen Effect! It’s been such a labor of love (that is still ongoing! So many great BIG things in the works) and I can’t wait to share but, before you join me in celebrating I wanted to ask:



How was your Valentine’s Day? Are you just gushing and glowing after celebrating?


Wait, did you even celebrate the international holiday for Love?


Or, are you maybe like me and think it’s nice and all to have a day to declare your epic love (if you have some one to declare it to) but couldn’t we, shouldn’t we do that everyday anyways? Could we create more personal traditions and rituals to celebrate our affections and the people we love the most? And can we find ways to give gifts that are truly meaningful or useful (gentle and sustainable) to the people we love?


What about gifting a little piece of ourselves


How about to ourselves? 


Despite Valentine’s day meaning BIG sales for photographers and Boudoir photographers everywhere, I hold true to the same policy I give to women who want to give products from their sessions to their loved ones. It’s so simple: Do it firstly, for yourself. 


One of the things I fell in love with most about feminine sensuality, is being connected to yourself enough to know when and what needs nurturing.


I don’t mean nurturing as in “babying” but nurturing as in tending to, caring, developing, and even protecting.


Being the Amazing woman that you are, it’s so easy to leave yourself until last. Sometimes we don’t understand the value of our limits. I know personally, it’s an ongoing process to always remember that if you really want to pour out, and be in balance with the best of your unique blend of feminine and masculine qualities, you need to be “filled up” before hand. Not after. Because if you don’t, you and other’s will start to see what I like to call “Feminine energy disarray” in very real, visual ways.


The difference being you’ll end up settling for a giant box of cheap Valentine chocolates, when what you really needed and deserved was a tiny wrapped box of hand made caramel salted trifles. (I’m going to go ahead and call dibs on the caramel salted trifles. My favorite!)


Now on to the Celebrating!


So this is how I am asking for you to help celebrate our launch: by setting in motion your OWN Vixen Effect.


It’s just a little love prescription. Do something to nurture yourself. It can be something small, each and every day. Start today! Or make it part of your own weekly ritual. Whether it’s your body that’s in need of some pampering, a walk to quiet your mind and exercise your body, or a day away at the beach to provide a little adventure for your soul. Go on and indulge yourself with some salted caramel chocolate trifles!


Take a moment right now and check in with your body, your mind, and ask your soul what it needs. What they want.


So what will you do to nurture your inner feminine Vixen? I’d LOVE to hear! Even if this post just reminded you to take a moment to check in with yourself. 


And if you ever need a little help in celebrating yourself or getting back in touch with expressing your sensual Vixen, we offer an indulgent experience with you in mind!


Xx Melody Rae